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Custom-made monoclonal Ab

Mouse and rat hybridoma technology
Based on our long-standing expertise in monoclonal antibody technology, and our scientific vision, we propose to generate antibodies against customer-predefined molecular or cellular targets. DENDRITICS undertakes to use an optimized version of the standard hybridoma technology (Kohler & Milstein):
  • Qualification of the immunogen before starting the program
  • Production of recombinant proteins in eukaryotic systems
  • Tolerization step before immunization if necessary
  • Specific medium additive (booster: an average of 20.000 hybrides /fusion)
  • Screening using micro-methods (rapid, specific)
Production, purification and conjugation
DENDRITICS also offers to produce, purify, and conjugate antibodies previously developed by our customers or by ourselves.
Blood B Booster system
Thanks to our long-standing expertise in B cell physiology, notably in in vitro activation and immortalization of circulating B lymphocytes, DENDRITICS offers the development of animal (DDXK-AnBBB) and human monoclonal antibodies (DDXK-HuBBB). This innovative technology allows the obtention of genuine antibodies directly derived from the target species (human, rat, mouse, sheep, dog, horse, rabbit).