Antigen families

Antigen presentation

Endogenous self or pathogen-derived antigens are typically processed by DCs into peptides in a proteasome-dependent pathway. Peptides subsequently bind to MHC class I molecules (mAb DENDRITICS: DDX0250) and the complexes (mAb DENDRITICS: DDX0060) are transported to the cell surface for presentation to CD8+ alpha beta T cells. DENDRITICS has selected antibody 405H1 (mAb DENDRITICS) which recognizes the complex formed between HLA-A2 and the (58-66)-peptide of influenza virus-derived M1 matrix protein. Antibody 405H1 thus mimicks the T–cell receptor of M1/HLA-A2 specific CD8+ T cells, and is a valuable tool to quantitate processed antigen at the DC cell surface following viral infection or in models using the M1 epitope as tracer for optimizing antigen delivery.

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  • ● HLA class I alpha 1 domain

    • DDX0250 - mAb90
      DDX0250 mAb90
      HLA class I alpha 1 domain
      Mouse IgG1

      B cell apoptosis

  • ● Influenza M1/HLA-A2 Complex

    • DDX0270 - 405H1.01
      DDX0270 405H1.01
      Influenza M1/HLA-A2 Complex
      Mouse IgG1

      Antigen presentation

  • ● Beta2-microglobulin

    • DDX0060 - mAb4
      DDX0060 mAb4
      Mouse IgM

      B cell activation