Tissue-dependent expression pattern of DC markers



  • 2015/11/19

    Human CD40L/CD154 transfectant

    DDX-S2 (murine fibroblaste cell line stably transfected with human CD40L (huCD154)) is intended to stimulate human cells through CD40-CD40L interaction. DDX-S2 significantly supports B cell growth, Ig secretion, in vitro differentiation of monocytes towards dendritic cells, supports plasmacytoid dendritic cells differentiation towards myeloid dendritic cells in the presence of IL-3.
    DDX-S2 is supplied under lyophilized formulation, which makes it very stable and easy to handle.
    DDX-S2 is stable and functional several weeks (up to 3 months) after resuspension.

  • 2015/11/19

    rhuGM-CSF (expressed in eukaryote) is now available

    DDX-C-rhuGM-CSF is provided as a bioactive protein intended for use in cell culture, differentiation studies ( in vitro generation of dendritic cells)  and functional assays (B cell activation).

  • 2015/05/29

    Human Blood B Booster: the first step toward human monoclonal antibodies

  • 2015/05/26

    Dendritics products are now available in Czech Republic

    THP Medical Product is now Dendritics exclusive distributor in Czech Republic

  • 2015/05/22

    Human IL17A tools

  • 2015/05/12

    Integrin alpha4beta7

    Antibodies against alpha4, beta7, alpha4beta7 integrins (DDX1430, DDX1431, DDX1432, DDX1433)
  • 2015/05/07

    Novel CMV (human cytomegalovirus) antibody

    A new monoclonal murine antibody raised against the human cytomegalovirus late antigen gB (DDX9040)

  • 2015/01/27

    Diversification of Dendritics portfolio

  • 2014/10/16

    Universal B cell immortalization tools

  • 2014/09/09

    Evolution of the human monoclonal antibodies portfolio

    2 novel human monoclonal antibodies anti-human platelet antigen HPA5b, GPIa-IIa   (DDX9021, DDX9022), and a novel human monoclonal antibody highly specific for interleukin 1 alpha (DDX0710)

  • 2014/09/04

    New tools for HIV studies

    Four novel murine monoclonal antibodies raised against HIV-1 gp120/gp160 (DDX1300, DDX1301, DDX1302, DDX1303).

  • 2014/03/19

    Animal Blood B Booster (ABBB) and Human Blood B Booster (HBBB) registration at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).